Isra Raza

Isra is a rising senior undergraduate at UC Berkeley in Environmental Sciences. She is working with Dr. Bradley Biggs on ENIGMA to conduct research focusing on pairwise microbial interactions under low pH and anaerobic conditions, with aims of applying this to broader biological modeling efforts.

Erzsabet Gonzalez

Erzsabet is a rising sophomore studying Bioengineering at UC Berkeley. She is conducting research with Dr. Yolanda Huang as part of the BioEngineering Scholars Program (BioESP). She is constructing new plasmid variants to expand the genetic toolbox for gut bacteria with the overall goal of studying gene functions.

Jasmine Escobedo

Jasmine is an undergraduate bioengineering major at UC Berkeley. She works with Dr. Bradley Biggs using genomic fragments to analyze the function of particular bacterial enzymes. This involves genetic recombination and cultivation of bacteria to study the observed behavior of unknown genes. This work is part of the broader ENIGMA goals of understanding the metagenomic data gathered at the site and improving our ability to move from metagenomic DNA to practical function of the microbial communities.

2022 Min Kim

Min Kim

Min is a second year undergraduate student at Berkeley studying bioengineering. She works with Dr. Biggs to characterize enzyme genotypes and functions from metagenomic data based on the iterative workflow that involves parallel sequencing and complementation assay. The project takes isolate level approaches that can be combined with field studies to fill in the gaps in understanding metabolism.

2022 Spring Spencer Zezulka profilepic

Spencer Zezulka

Spencer Zezulka is a senior at UC Berkeley studying MCB and astrophysics. He joined CUBES in October 2021 and is working with Aaron Berliner to computationally model compact object accretion disks in search of a potentially habitable region. Outside of his own aforementioned project, he assists his teammates at CUBES in data visualization and mathematical modeling. Aside from astrobiology and data science, Spencer is interested in music and education, and helps direct an organization providing free college admissions prep to communities in the Bay Area. In his spare time, Spencer likes to read, play piano, and game.

2022 Cameran Casale Headshot

Cameran Casale

Cameran Casale is a second year undergraduate student at UC Berkeley studying bioengineering. She is currently working with Aaron Berliner on the CUBES project. Through her work at this lab, Cameran is interested in exploring different biological applications within space systems, such as the utilization of biologically derived materials in the development of nanoscale devices.


Shuwen Hou

Shuwen Hou is a third-year undergraduate student at the University of Hong Kong
(HKU) studying biochemistry. She is attending UC Berkeley for an exchange study.
Shuwen works with Dr. Fangchao Song to profile the microbial physiology in
different conditions through droplet-based microfluidics. This is part of the ENIGMA

2021 kim pham photo

Kim Pham

Kim Pham undergraduate in the Bioengineering Dept. She worked with Dr. Jake Hilzinger to develop a pan-genome on the CUBES project

2021 Batu Akkas photo

Batu Akkas

Batu is an undergraduate in the Bioengineering Dept. Batu works with Dr. Vivek Mutalik. The project a systemic approach to enrich, isolate, characterize, and engineer novel ssRNA phages that support the agricultural, environmental, and possibly health strategies.

2021 Divya Sivanandan Photo

Divya Sivanandan

Divya is an undergraduate in the Bioengineering Dept. Divya is working with Dr. Hilzinger to screen Spirulina mutants as they are generated (gDNA preps, PCR, possible Illumina sequencing preps), and help develop better transformation methods for this organism.