2021 kim pham photo

Kim Pham

Kim Pham undergraduate in the Bioengineering Dept. She worked with Dr. Jake Hilzinger to develop a pan-genome on the CUBES project

2021 Batu Akkas photo

Batu Akkas

Batu is an undergraduate in the Bioengineering Dept. Batu works with Dr. Vivek Mutalik. The project a systemic approach to enrich, isolate, characterize, and engineer novel ssRNA phages that support the agricultural, environmental, and possibly health strategies.

2021 Divya Sivanandan Photo

Divya Sivanandan

Divya is an undergraduate in the Bioengineering Dept. Divya is working with Dr. Hilzinger to screen Spirulina mutants as they are generated (gDNA preps, PCR, possible Illumina sequencing preps), and help develop better transformation methods for this organism.

2021 0810 Gretchen Vengerova

Gretchen Vengerova

Gretchen is an undergraduate in the Bioengineering Dept. She works with Aaron Berliner on CUBES project specifically Modeling a Martian Biomanufactury

Han Zhang Undergrad

Hanqiao Zhang

Han is a senior undergraduate in the Bioengineering Dept. He works with Dr. Bernstein on mechanistic modeling and machine learning to monitor environmental contamination through genomics.

2021 Kylie Akiyama photo

Kylie Akiyama

Kylie Akiyama is a second-year bioengineering undergraduate at UC Berkeley with an interest in the convergence of synthetic biology and space exploration. She is currently within the FPSD division of CUBES, working with Dr. Jake Hilzinger to improve the group’s capacity to metabolically engineer A. platensis for small molecule production.

2021 Paulina Marshall photo

Paulina Salgado Marshall

Paulina was an undergraduate senior in the Bioengineering Dept. She worked with Dr. Ruoshi Yuan on biomolecular nanotechnology using fluidics and chips. She has gone to work in industry.

DSC 0578 1

Farrah Kaiyom

Farrah is a second year undergraduate student studying Bioengineering and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She is a member of CUBES project working under Aaron Berliner. Farrah is currently developing a model that simulates how metabolic rate of crew members fluctuate during space travel and extravehicular activity under varying conditions. She is also researching data for microbial biomanufacturing.

2021 Sofia Milian

Sofia Milian

Sofia Milian is an undergraduate student attending Berkeley City College (BCC). Works on ENIGMA project assisting the researchers in the preparation of material. Due to graduate from BCC in the fall of 2023 then transfer to a four-year university, to pursue career in BioTechnology

Nick Nolan

Nick Nolan

Nick Nolan was a Bioengineering and EECS sophomore undergraduate student in the Arkin Laboratory at UC Berkeley; his research topics were in viral engineering and control theory, though is always willing to delve into other topics of interest. As much as science is important to him, science education is equally so–thus he has organized the 2019 BioEHSC™, a Bioengineering High School Competition, the largest high school-specific competition of its kind in the world, as Junior Chair, and looks forward to serving as Senior Chair in the competition’s next annual iteration.