CARION Heloise 1

Heloise Carion

Heloise Carion was a fourth year Bioengineering undergraduate student at UC Berkeley with a concentration in synthetic and computational biology. Her interests include genetics, systems biology, and computation. In 2018, she joined the Arkin Laboratory, and has helped develop technology for high-throughput characterization of phage genes.

davian 1

Davian Ho

Davian is an undergraduate student interested in bioengineering and EECS. He previously worked on extracellular contractile injection systems, and now investigates phages in the gut microbiome and makes vector art for synthetic biology. Davian also a member of CUBES, where he is developing the interface for space resource modeling software.

Yasha Ektefaie

Yasha Ektefaie

As of 2020, Yasha is a PhD student at Harvard Medical School.