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Hucka, M; Finney, A; Sauro, H M; Bolouri, H; Doyle, J C; Kitano, H; Arkin, A P; Bornstein, B J; Bray, D; Cornish-Bowden, A; Cuellar, A A; Dronov, S; Gilles, E D; Ginkel, M; Gor, V; Goryanin, I I; Hedley, W J; Hodgman, T C; Hofmeyr, J H; Hunter, P J; Juty, N S; Kasberger, J L; Kremling, A; Kummer, U; Nov?re, N Le; Loew, L M; Lucio, D; Mendes, P; Minch, E; Mjolsness, E D; Nakayama, Y; Nelson, M R; Nielsen, P F; Sakurada, T; Schaff, J C; Shapiro, B E; Shimizu, T S; Spence, H D; Stelling, J; Takahashi, K; Tomita, M; Wagner, J; Wang, J

Ŧhe systems biology markup language (SBML): a medium for representation and exchange of biochemical network models Journal Article

In: Bioinformatics, 19 (4), pp. 524–531, 2003.

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Biological networks Journal Article

In: Curr. Opin. Struct. Biol., 13 (2), pp. 193–202, 2003.

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Wolf, D M; Arkin, A P

Motifs, modules and games in bacteria Journal Article

In: Curr. Opin. Microbiol., 6 (2), pp. 125–134, 2003.

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Gilman, A G; Simon, M I; Bourne, H R; Harris, B A; Long, R; Ross, E M; Stull, J T; Taussig, R; Bourne, H R; Arkin, A P; Cobb, M H; Cyster, J G; Devreotes, P N; Ferrell, J E; Fruman, D; Gold, M; Weiss, A; Stull, J T; Berridge, M J; Cantley, L C; Catterall, W A; Coughlin, S R; Olson, E N; Smith, T F; Brugge, J S; Botstein, D; Dixon, J E; Hunter, T; Lefkowitz, R J; Pawson, A J; Sternberg, P W; Varmus, H; Subramaniam, S; Sinkovits, R S; Li, J; Mock, D; Ning, Y; Saunders, B; Sternweis, P C; Hilgemann, D; Scheuermann, R H; DeCamp, D; Hsueh, R; Lin, K M; Ni, Y; Seaman, W E; Simpson, P C; O'Connell, T D; Roach, T; Simon, M I; Choi, S; Eversole-Cire, P; Fraser, I; Mumby, M C; Zhao, Y; Brekken, D; Shu, H; Meyer, T; Chandy, G; Heo, W D; Liou, J; O'Rourke, N; Verghese, M; Mumby, S M; Han, H; Brown, H A; Forrester, J S; Ivanova, P; Milne, S B; Casey, P J; Harden, T K; Arkin, A P; Doyle, J; Gray, M L; Meyer, T; Michnick, S; Schmidt, M A; Toner, M; Tsien, R Y; Natarajan, M; Ranganathan, R; Sambrano, G R

Overview of the Alliance for Cellular Signaling Journal Article

In: Nature, 420 (6916), pp. 703–706, 2002.

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Rao, C V; Wolf, D M; Arkin, A P

Control, exploitation and tolerance of intracellular noise Journal Article

In: Nature, 420 (6912), pp. 231–237, 2002.

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Giaever, G; Chu, A M; Ni, L; Connelly, C; Riles, L; Ronneau, S V; Dow, S; Lucau-Danila, A; Anderson, K; Andre, B; Arkin, A P; Astromoff, A; El-Bakkoury, M; Bangham, R; Benito, R; Brachat, S; Campanaro, S; Curtiss, M; Davis, K; Deutschbauer, A; Entian, K D; Flaherty, P; Foury, F; Garfinkel, D J; Gerstein, M; Gotte, D; G?ldener, U; Hegemann, J H; Hempel, S; Herman, Z; Jaramillo, D F; Kelly, D E; Kelly, S L; K?tter, P; LaBonte, D; Lamb, D C; Lan, N; Liang, H; Liao, H; Liu, L; Luo, C; Lussier, M; Mao, R; Menard, P; Ooi, S L; Revuelta, J L; Roberts, C J; Rose, M; Ross-Macdonald, P; Scherens, B; Schimmack, G; Shafer, B; Shoemaker, D D; Sookhai-Mahadeo, S; Storms, R K; Strathern, J N; Valle, G; Voet, M; Volckaert, G; Wang, C Y; Ward, T R; Wilhelmy, J; Winzeler, E A; Yang, Y; Yen, G; Youngman, E; Yu, K; Bussey, H; Boeke, J D; Snyder, M; Philippsen, P; Davis, R W; Johnston, M

Functional profiling of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae genome Journal Article

In: Nature, 418 (6896), pp. 387–391, 2002.

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Gilman, A; Arkin, A P

Genetic "code": representations and dynamical models of genetic components and networks Journal Article

In: 3 , pp. 341–369, 2002.

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Wolf, D M; Arkin, A P

Fifteen minutes of fim: control of type 1 pili expression in E. coli Journal Article

In: 6 (1), pp. 91–114, 2002.

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Arkin, A P

Synthetic cell biology Journal Article

In: Curr. Opin. Biotechnol., 12 (6), pp. 638–644, 2001.

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Rao, C V; Arkin, A P

Control motifs for intracellular regulatory networks Journal Article

In: 3 , pp. 391–419, 2001.

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Swanson, C A; Arkin, A P; Ross, J

An endogenous calcium oscillator may control early embryonic division Journal Article

In: Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 94 (4), pp. 1194–1199, 1997.

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Ärkin, A P; Youvan, D C "

Optimizing nucleotide mixtures to encode specific subsets of amino acids for semi-random mutagenesis Journal Article

In: Biotechnology (N.Y.), 10 (3), pp. 297–300, 1992.

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An algorithm for protein engineering: simulations of recursive ensemble mutagenesis Journal Article

In: Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 89 (16), pp. 7811–7815, 1992.

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Applications of imaging spectroscopy in molecular biology. II. Colony screening based on absorption spectra Journal Article

In: Biotechnology (N.Y.), 8 (8), pp. 746–749, 1990.

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Mengting Yuan Daliang Ning, Linwei Wu; Zhou, Jizhong

A quantitative framework reveals the ecological drivers of grassland soil microbial community assembly in response to warming Journal Article

In: 0000.

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