Synthetic biology

Our lab has been involved in Synthetic Biology since its inception developing fundamental genetic technologies for precise and predictable control of gene expression, uniform design of gene expression networks, technologies for genome-scale manipulation and characterization of gene function; the design of host strains optimized for engineering for different applications; and foundational genetic and computational/data science technologies that support the creation of biofoundries. We are very interested in predictable engineering in complex contexts beyond the bioreactor. Such applications emphasize the need for predictive/predictable, actuarily trustworthy biological design technologies.  We have ongoing projects involving the engineering of microbes, microbial communities, and bacteriophage cocktails for applications in sustainable materials production and biomass utilization, agriculture, bioremediation, and human health. We are most interested in those applications that have existential implications for humans on earth- from solutions for antibiotic resistance to terraforming.

Selected Publications

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