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Berliner, Aaron; Makrygiorgos, George; Hill, Avery

Extension of Equivalent System Mass for Human Exploration Missions on Mars (Journal Article), 2021.

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Xiaoxuan Ge Michael P. Thorgersen, Farris Poole II Adam Deutschbauer John-Marc Chandonia Pavel Novichkov Sara Gushgari-Doyle Lauren Lui Torben Nielsen Romy Chakraborty Paul Adams Adam Arkin Terry Hazen L M S M D P C; Adams, Michael W W

Characterization of a Metal-Resistant Bacillus Strain With a High Molybdate Affinity ModA From Contaminated Sediments at the Oak Ridge Reservation (Journal Article)


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Matthew J. McNulty Yongao Xiong, Kevin Yates Kalimuthu Karuppanan Jacob Hilzinger Aaron Berliner Jesse Delzio Adam Arkin Nancy Lane Somen Nandi Karen McDonald M J P E A

Molecular Pharming to Support Human Life on the Moon, Mars, and Beyond (Journal Article)

Preprints, 2020.

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Moon, J W; Paradis, C J; Joyner, D C; von Netzer, F; Majumder, E L; Dixon, E R; Podar, M; Ge, X; Walian, P J; Smith, H J; Wu, X; Zane, G M; Walker, K F; Thorgersen, M P; Ii, Poole F L; Lui, L M; Adams, B G; Leon, De K B; Brewer, S S; Williams, D E; Lowe, K A; Rodriguez, M; Mehlhorn, T L; Pfiffner, S M; Chakraborty, R; Arkin, A P; Wall, J D; Fields, M W; Adams, M W W; Stahl, D A; Elias, D A; Hazen, T C

Characterization of subsurface media from locations up- and down-gradient of a uranium-contaminated aquifer (Journal Article)

Chemosphere, 255 , pp. 126951, 2020.

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Megan L. Kempher Xuanyu Tao, Rong Song Bo Wu David Stahl Judy Wall Adam Arkin Aifen Zhou Jizhong Zhou A D P

Effects of Genetic and Physiological Divergence on the Evolution of a Sulfate-Reducing Bacterium under Conditions of Elevated Temperature (Journal Article)

Mbio, 11 (4), pp. 2020, 2020.

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Ankita Kotharia Simon Rouxb, Hanqiao Zhanga Anatori Prietoa Drishti Sonejaa John-MarcChandoniaa Sarah Spencer Xiaoqin Wud Sara Altenburgl Matthew Fields Adam M.Deutschbauer Adam Arkinc Eric Almh Romy Chakrabortyd Aindrila Mukhopadhyay W P J

Ecogenomics of groundwater viruses suggests niche differentiation linked to specific environmental tolerance (Journal Article)


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Meja-Almonte, C; Busby, S J W; Wade, J T; van Helden, J; Arkin, A P; Stormo, G D; Eilbeck, K; Palsson, B O; Galagan, J E; Collado-Vides, J

Redefining fundamental concepts of transcription initiation in bacteria (Journal Article)

Nat. Rev. Genet., 2020.

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Price, M N; Deutschbauer, A M; Arkin, A P

GapMind: Automated Annotation of Amino Acid Biosynthesis (Journal Article)

mSystems, 5 (3), 2020.

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Sean Carim Ashley L. Azadeh, Alexey Kazakov Morgan Price Peter Walian Romy Chakraborty Adam Deutschbauer Vivek Mutalik Adam Arkin E N J M K P

Systematic Discovery of Pseudomonad Genetic Factors Involved in Sensitivity to Tailocins (Journal Article)


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Samuel M. D. Seaver Filipe Liu, Qizhi Zhang James Jeffryes José Faria Janaka Edirisinghe Michael Mundy Nicholas Chia Elad Noor Moritz Beber Aaron Best Matthew DeJongh Jeffrey Kimbrel Patrik D'haeseleer Erik Pearson Shane Canon Elisha Wood-Charlson Robert Cottingham Adam Arkin P N E A A M W P; Henry, Christopher S

The ModelSEED Database for the integration of metabolic annotations and the reconstruction, comparison, and analysis of metabolic models for plants, fungi, and microbes (Journal Article)


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Benjamin A. Adler Crystal Zhong, Hualan Liu Elizabeth Kutter Adam Deutschbauer Vivek Mutalik Adam Arkin M K P

Systematic Discovery of Salmonella Phage-Host Interactions via High-Throughput Genome-Wide Screens (Journal Article)

bioRxiv, 2020.

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Price, Morgan N; Arkin, Adam P

Short Methionine Synthases (Journal Article)


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Regina L. Wilpiszeski Caitlin M. Gionfriddo, Ann Wymore Ji-Won Moon Kenneth Lowe Mircea Podar Sa’ad Rafie Matthew Fields Terry Hazen Xiaoxuan Ge Farris Poole Michael Adams Romy Chakraborty Yupeng Fan Joy Van Nostrand Jizhong Zhou Adam Arkin Dwayne Elias M A W C W W D P A

In-field bioreactors demonstrate dynamic shifts in microbial communities in response to geochemical perturbations (Journal Article)

bioRxiv, 2020.

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Lauren M. Lui Torben N. Nielsen, Adam Arkin P

A method for achieving complete microbial genomes and better quality bins from metagenomics data (Journal Article)

BioRxiv, 2020.

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Daliang Ning Mengting Yuan, Linwei Wu Ya Zhan Xue Guo Xishu Zhou Yunfeng Yang Adam Arkin Mary Firestone Jizhong Zhou P K

A quantitative framework reveals the ecological drivers of grassland soil microbial community assembly in response to warming (Journal Article)


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Vivek K. Mutalik Benjamin A. Adler, Harneet Rishi Denish Piya Crystal Zhong Britt Koskella Richard Calendar Pavel Novichkov Morgan Price Adam Deutschbauer Adam Arkin S N M P

High-throughput mapping of the phage resistance landscape in E. coli (Journal Article)


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Abel, Anthony J; Hilzinger, Jacob M; Arkin, Adam P; Clark, Douglas S

Systems-informed genome mining for electroautotrophic microbial production (Journal Article)

bioRxiv, 2020.

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Berliner, Aaron; Hilzinger, Jacob M; Abel, Anthony J; McNulty, Matthew; Makrygiorgos, George; Averesch, Nils J H; Gupta, Soumyajit Sen; Benvenuti, Alexander; Caddell, Daniel; Cestellos-Blanco, Stefano

Towards a Biomanufactory on Mars (Journal Article), 2020.

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Tian, R; Ning, D; He, Z; Zhang, P; Spencer, S J; Gao, S; Shi, W; Wu, L; Zhang, Y; Yang, Y; Adams, B G; Rocha, A M; Detienne, B L; Lowe, K A; Joyner, D C; Klingeman, D M; Arkin, A P; Fields, M W; Hazen, T C; Stahl, D A; Alm, E J; Zhou, J

Small and mighty: adaptation of superphylum Patescibacteria to groundwater environment drives their genome simplicity (Journal Article)

Microbiome, 8 (1), pp. 51, 2020.

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Kempher, M L; Tao, X; Song, R; Wu, B; Stahl, D A; Wall, J D; Arkin, A P; Zhou, A; Zhou, J

Effects of Genetic and Physiological Đivergence on the Evolution of a Sulfate-Reducing Bacterium under Conditions of Elevated Ŧemperature (Journal Article)

mBio, 11 (4), 2020.

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