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Berliner, Aaron; Makrygiorgos, George; Hill, Avery

Extension of Equivalent System Mass for Human Exploration Missions on Mars Journal Article

In:, 2021.

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Yongao Xiong Matthew J. McNulty, Kevin Yates

Molecular Pharming to Support Human Life on the Moon, Mars, and Beyond Journal Article

In: Preprints, 2020.

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Berliner, Aaron; Hilzinger, Jacob M; Abel, Anthony J; McNulty, Matthew; Makrygiorgos, George; Averesch, Nils J H; Gupta, Soumyajit Sen; Benvenuti, Alexander; Caddell, Daniel; Cestellos-Blanco, Stefano

Towards a Biomanufactory on Mars Journal Article

In:, 2020.

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Abel, Anthony J; Hilzinger, Jacob M; Arkin, Adam P; Clark, Douglas S

Systems-informed genome mining for electroautotrophic microbial production Journal Article

In: bioRxiv, 2020.

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