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Samuel M. D. Seaver Filipe Liu, Qizhi Zhang James Jeffryes José Faria Janaka Edirisinghe Michael Mundy Nicholas Chia Elad Noor Moritz Beber Aaron Best Matthew DeJongh Jeffrey Kimbrel Patrik D'haeseleer Erik Pearson Shane Canon Elisha Wood-Charlson Robert Cottingham Adam Arkin P N E A A M W P; Henry, Christopher S

The ModelSEED Database for the integration of metabolic annotations and the reconstruction, comparison, and analysis of metabolic models for plants, fungi, and microbes (Journal Article)


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KBase: Ŧhe United States Đepartment of Energy Systems Biology Knowledgebase (Journal Article)

Nat. Biotechnol., 36 (7), pp. 566–569, 2018.

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