Erzsabet Gonzalez

Erzsabet is an undergraduate studying Bioengineering at UC Berkeley. She worked with Dr. Bradley Biggs. She constructed new plasmid variants to expand the genetic toolbox for gut bacteria with the overall goal of studying gene functions.

Yolanda Yue Huang

Yolanda (Yue) Huang

Yolanda is currently assistant professor at SUNY Buffalo. She was a postdoc in the Arkin lab and a Life Sciences Research Foundation (LSRF) fellow sponsored by Astellas Pharmaceuticals. She received her Bachelor’s from McGill University in Biochemistry. She completed her PhD in Chemical Biology with Emily Balskus at Harvard University where she characterized a new glycyl radical enzyme responsible for 4-hydroxyproline metabolism that is prevalent among gut anaerobes. In the Arkin lab, she worked to identify phage factors that influence bacterial physiology through multiple approaches – computational tools, data mining, and functional genomics.